9 August 2008


The big day has come, The Seagull Love Review hits the mean streets of Crewe in a few hours. It's looking grey in Manchester this morning and the sweltering heat we got last year at Gresty Road looks unlikely. The co-editor is still asleep on the sofa bed so good chance I will nip intot eh kitchen and ravage the last few slices of pizza from last night.

The potential starting line-up today looks promising. The lack of creativity in midfield, in my opinion, is counteracted by the strength we have down the wings. Much has been said of the 'Junior Lewis' effect that got us out of this divison a few years back - I hope Thommo and Livermore show their experience and do a succesful if not beautiful job in midfield.

Best new song featured on NSC was the Glenn Murray/Adam and the Ants parody which i pray will get a good air today, I seem to remember the away stand at Gresty having a hearty corrugated iron roof, perfect for some noise.

See you at the ground! Up the albion!

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