26 September 2008


Well, can you believe it? I have just surfaced from the endless national newspaper coverage about the Albion. Yesterday, we were everywhere. Top story on BBC News 24, front page of The Sun, front page of all the Sport sections. Here at TSLR Towers, we have never witnessed anything like it. The last time we properly giant-killed, the editors here were very small indeed.

The stories, the stories. Take your pick. My personal favourite is the Matt Richards one. Following his swearing outburst at the weekend, there were some at TSLR that wondered whether the left-back would be fucking (that's how he would have put it) off back to Ipswich. However, 4 days and a basic apology on the club website later, he's slotting home the fifth against the richest club in the world and becoming a fan's favourite. Joe Ayinsah was unbelievable - sent-off for nothing against that jumped up twat Jones at Yeovil then coming off the bench to cause havoc and score the second against International defenders. But wait, there's more. Some kid nobody has heard of - literally nobody - comes on to reveal an unbelievable long-throw - we still don't know his name, Cook perhaps. And what about Murray - someone actually thought he played well! Let's be honest though, the Albion weren't amazing and rode our luck big time but how often do we get away with that? City should have killed us off at 1-0 but they didn't.

The TSLR Cup Fever badges (given away free with every issue sold) must have had some sort of positive effect and so will be out in force against Derby on 4 November for the third round. Although Robbie Savage will not be an Albion player by then so ignore the Argus today. So where was I? Ah yes the newspapers - even in Friday's Guardian, the Michel Kuipers was a marine story is printed in all its glory. Have we ever been this famous? I suspect so but TSLR wasn't around to see it in 1983 so this is the best press we've ever had. Google news it if you haven't already.

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