30 September 2008


Now, 3 days since the drama in the sun at Northampton and TSLR still can't work out whether we dropped 2 points or gained 1. If you look at the fact that we had a 'virus' then a point gained. If you look at the fact we've now drawn 3 and lost 2 of the last 5 league games then it's probably 2 points dropped. And we can't even hammer Kuipers for the 96th minute equaliser after his heroics on Wednesday. Personally, we blame the Albion 'tourists' - complete with Burberry hats - that abused the home fans when we scored what we thought would be the winner. Where do they go on Saturdays when the Albion haven't beaten a top-flight team the previous Wednesday? Maybe they turned up in a car like this one.

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