13 October 2008


So, we're trying to get a table at Withdean. It means aksing the club and we're a little bit scared but reckon they'll be cool with it. Probably we'll get some rubbish table from b&q (although it should be better than the supporters club table). Ideally we would like the table featured in the video above. Designed by Daft Punk for Habitat, it's like a little dancefloor - perfect for your TSLR coffee table fanzines and with a surface ideal for chopping up ludicrous amounts of gak (joking, joking!).

If somebody wants to send us one of those then thanks, if not look out for our normal, boring table at the rather scary Hereford United game.

Here's a DP tune to get you excited, proper handbag house vibes;

MP3 : Daft Punk - Something About You (Brass mix)

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