1 October 2008


Editor eh? Isn't it amazing that the 'Co' prefix is dropped when the cameras are on, eh Stef! Anyway, you might've noticed Swifty gracing the front page of the salubrious seagulls.co.uk. A couple of observations about the rest of the plucky interviewees. Firstly, lay off the Harvey's for a bit yeah, Errea shirts don't get THAT big. Secondly, people have to stop bumming the result. Coventry beat Manchester United at Old Trafford in the same round last year, the year before that remember Grimsby beating Spurs? And Harty, well he has odd eyes anyway, like a wolf, but the way they circle round - it was like he was looking out for immigration or something, very suspect.

Well done to the club on this, it's a good idea. Up The Albion.

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