7 October 2008


True, the picture above is a rotter, but don't let Ken and his mate's ruin your weekend away in fabulous-ish Leeds, West Yorkshire. I hope that a large Albion following will get up to B-Ellend Road this saturday and with news of Muz & Foz both unlikely to feature, the game is going to be a tough one.

It's important that we take good support to places like Leeds, our away attendences have fallen over the last few years and it's imperative that we demand the respect of our peers in the game, especially the passionate Leeds lot.

If the match is gash, rest assured with the news that TSLR003 will be on sale. Rather than release the thing for a drab Cheltenham affair, we are pleased to launch issues at away days when we can guarantee a better atmosphere more akin to the fanzine's ethos. It's a good oen this month too!

Look out for sellers around and about the away stand.

I will probably release more details about the mag later this week. Up the Albion!

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