9 November 2008


Apologies for the blogging slackness but we've been busy putting together the new issue. Those 25 or 30 of you that did make it to the Withers for the FA Cup on Saturday will be well aware that a new issue of TSLR arrived. If you're breaking out in a sweat like an eskimo at a central heating convention because of anxiety that your chance to purchase the fanzine has passed then rest assured you can buy it before the game on Wednesday. At this point I feel it is my duty to draw your attention to the outrageous Hawkins howler of an own goal we were forced to witness on Saturday afternoon. Quality finish though. We don’t like him much right now, and it’s only his outstanding contribution to modern science that means we’re prepared to give him time to put his theories into practice. Back to the self-promotion - this month’s issue is as packed as George Bush's bags. It’s loosely themed on the FA Cup & highlights include exclusive pictures of Falmer & the US election, Geoff Hurst, cup ramblings, Midfield Diamond, Glory Boy, Colin Hawkins, Northern-ness, Dizzy, Jimmy Case, Carter & even a cartoonist.

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