1 December 2008


Serge Santiago is an ace DJ/producer origianlly from Brighton. You might've seen him at the wonderful Stompaphunk a few times. Like many Brightonians, he now lives in London, but still flies the flag for god's own city. He plays quite a lot in Brighton, normally at Audio, so go and catch him - below is a link to one of his mixes, this one showcasing his ace editing skills and his penchant for italo-disco.

01 Intro
02 Boytronic "Bryllyant"
03 Ruede Hagelstein "The Modest Theme"
04 Kebekelektrik "Journey into Love (Disco Mix)"
05 Patrick Cowley "Mindwarp"
06 Rinder & Lewis "Wiles and the Hand Jive (Serge Santiago Edit)"
07 Droid "The Force (Serge Santiago Mix)"
08 Boo Williams "Snare Tappin"
09 Kebekelektrik "War Dance"
10 Mr. Flagio "Take a Chance"
11 Ray Connection "Replay (Hampus Drake Edit)"

download here

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