26 January 2009


Cheltenham is nuffink but a non-League club & being there on Saturday was slightly embarrassing. The ground was so poor we thought we'd been relegated 2 divisions since the last away game. Their fans were nice & they don't hate anyone so the footballing pedigree is definitely missing. In the end, it was joyful to grab another undeserved point & the delirious scenes were on youtube by the end of the weekend. In fact, if you look closely at the mobile phone clip of the celebrations, you can clearly see a co-editor and 2 TSLR contributors mobbing the Albion players - 1 even had the audacity & opportunity to plant a smacker on the cheek of the unsuspecting little man, Dean Cox. However, Cheltenham is worth mentioning for a couple of other things - the Gold Cup (not the Caribbean football tournament unfortunately) is fun even though it always costs us a few squid & they once got properly flooded.

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