19 January 2009


Sooooo.....the Albion are taking on the Hatters in the Paint Pot.

If TSLR was a hat, it would probably be like the fetching number above: Blue, amusing and only a squid. It is in fact a charming Brighton and Hove Albion fanzine; which, if you really wanted to, you could still roll up and put on your head (either one).

However, it didn't look very Seagull-esque when I picked up my copy on Saturday. It was adorned with the skull and crossbones of St.Pauli and looked more like a Hitler youth pamphlet than a wonderous offering of Albion drivel.

I realise I'm launching into a bit of a Seagull Love Review review now, so i'll stop and let you make your own mind up. Grab one...seriously well worth it.

TSLR006 'the fc st. pauli special' also featuring…
the bellotti debate
i'm a brighton fan get me out of here
which european cult football team are you?
reviews and shit
supertar stewards
lots of other rubbish

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