26 March 2009


Where the bloody hell have the TSLR boys gone? I offer you some possible scenarios:

- Squashed under the buttocks of the fat lady who seems to be stalking the Albion at the moment, ready to sing the final verses summoning them to the shitness that is Morecambe on a Tuesday night.

- Drunkenly celebrating nominations for no less than 3 fanzine awards, whilst simitaneously drowning our sorrows after defeats to Warsaw and Scunthorpe. This makes blogging highly unlikely in a climate where we can't even find the toilet bowl in the morning. Fortunately we haven't been caught on Google Street View ralphing outside a Kebab shop.

- Fact finding for Saturday's visit of Tranny - highly likely not to be the only Tranny in Brighton on a Saturday). Apparently the Borough of Wirral have sponsored Rovers since 1989; the longest shirt sponsorship in English Football.

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