5 March 2009

It's tough writing a fanzine, and as any ex-editor will tell you, the thing that keeps you going is when somebody appreciates what you're doing, when somebody 'gets it' .

Now let me tell you, fanzines are fashionable at the moment,- expect fanzine aesthetics to bombard you sooner rather than later. Therefore, I was slightly dubious of Creative Review's interview with new lifestayle fanzine 'Manzine' edited by Kevin Braddock, it is however very interesting and looks like a good mag.

One quote, which I've put below, sums up our ideas on how TSLR should look and feel- in case anyone was wondering.

"The more consciously amateur the design, the better – though of course, quite a lot of effort went into making it look like no effort had been made. I think what we’ve ended up with is something that looks like a newsletter produced by a parish church recorded music society or something, and that’s absolutely fine with me because the market is flooded with full-bleed/full colour/ beautifully art-directed but strangely inert design today. We wanted it to be anti-slick, folky, readable and at ease with its own limitations, faults and imperfections, both in terms of its design and content. For instance, You don’t have to be a capital-P “Photographer” to take pictures for manzine, or be a YBA to submit a piece of art. And frankly I think it’s better if the writing isn’t done by proper journalists, if that makes sense. It just has to be interesting, honest and funny. We want to avoid the straighjacketing of industrial magazine production, where creativity is almost always sacrificied to the need to sell something."

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