4 April 2009


We all went to that shithole today expecting some sort of miracle but left hating the franchise more than we even thought possible. TSLR thought they had encountered a summer fate with all the bullshit child friendly measures they had in place to obscure the fact that there was an actual match taking place. It's all to promote the club to these little fucking wankers who will grow up brainwashed by a football club that shouldn't really exist - something that they'll be oblivious to. It breaks our hearts really but when we mathematically get sent down we can sit back safe in the knowledge that our club has existed for more than 5 years. And, as I told every chavvy fucking MK Don'ts fan whilst walking to the train through yet another industrial estate, we'll stay up - we'll just buy a division 3 side (let's say Stockport) and relocate them to Brighton, just like these franchise bastards did.

And Craig Davies, hang your head in shame and make a new garage tune, football just isn't for you.

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