30 April 2009


Woah! I've done a hat-trick of posts in one day. Don't be offended that I work in the public sector and that you're all paying for me to post on the blog, it's fine, it's fine.

Anyway, check out the new St. Pauli shirt! Nice huh! I'm really liking this, and because the TSLR compadres have visted St. Pauli and their shop we can tell you that the shirts are really nice quality and have loads of ace little touches on them. FC St. Pauli have the second highest merchandise revenue in germany, behind Bayern. Not bad.

Also, on a Millerntor tip, check out this acers FC St. pauli blog, it's in english and follows all the news, stick it in your favourites (which reminds me, must put in a links tab on the website). It's here.


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TLC said...

You're blatantly trying to get the 100th post!