30 April 2009


OK, a quick round up of foreign visitors to the website ... We haven't done it for a while and I can't be bothered to trawl through the last 6 weeks. Two that caught my eye were from the USA - Davenport, Flordia and Atlanta, Georgia respectively.

We've had some great google searches too, the best dissappointed visitor confusing our accroynm for that of DSLR, alas digital cameras he didn't find here.

The best IP address came from Asia, with a "TSLR Brighton" google search from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Apart from this being pretty cool, a loose link is that me and Stef have both seen the musical Miss Saigon which was set in Ho Chi Minh - or Saigon as it was. Miss Saigon was big news when we were 10 years old. Not as big as Kurt Nogan, but reasonably big.

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