16 June 2009


Seeing as we've advertised the official TSLR artist, we thought it approprite to follow it up with an advert for the official TSLR photographer. This is one of his glorious shots taken from the (in)famous TSLR trip to St. Pauli back in the depths of last season. More details of Charles can be found on his website, http://www.charleswhatley.com/boo2/index.htm. One thing's for sure, he can take a quality photee.

If that doesn't tickle yer fancy, then check out these Jamaican photographer brothers - we were going to reproduce one of the photo's from their website but there's a death threat for anyone that does. As a result, I think we'll just give you the website address & you can have a good look yourself, http://afflictedyard.com/afflicted_photography.htm.

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