30 July 2009


Dodgy journalistic musings have been thrown over various copies of the Argus recently, in this our third instalment of how to write tripe newspaper articles.

"Comment: Spiller's a Winner. I am, so to speak, about to spill the beans. When Albion divulged details earlier this week about a hat-rick of trialists, attention inevitably centred on one-time England international Michael Ricketts and former Seagull Dan Harding. They are, in fact, more likely to sign their other lower-profile trialist, Danny Spiller."
Andy Naylor, The Argus, 16 July 2009

"The Albion have, meanwhile, ended their interest in trialists Danny Spiller and Andres Chronis."
Andy Naylor, The Argus, 30 July 2009

TSLR Comment : "Naylor surpasses himself back in mid-July by referring to a tin of baked beans that just so happens to be a famous saying that contains five letters of the player's name. Clever stuff, but what really lets him down is his speculative assertion that the Albion would sign Danny Spill(the beans)er. When this signing fails to materialise, the relevation is hidden at the bottom of a story about Billy Sharp some two weeks later."

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