28 July 2009


Naturally, the highlight of any festival is when you get to see a reasonably drunk man on a Saturday afternoon wearing a pair of tight Albion shorts circa 1997. Was that you or did my drunkenness invent the whole silly episode? Unfortunately, there is no photographic evidence of him at the Secret Garden Party the weekend just gone so you'll have to cope with seeing a video of Those Dancing Days who rocked the main stage on Sunday afternoon a little like they did here a couple of years ago. Brighton DJs Evil Nine were fooking excellent on Saturday night as were the Latin Dub Soundsystem. That's 3 bands to get googling if you need something to occupy you until opening day of the season, I'm off for a shower.

1 comment:

i am sam said...

those dancing days are turd, i bet you liked the chubby drummer.