26 August 2009


Fanzines are in fashion kiddies, and one of the original mags to come from the terraces and smash into popular culture was Boys Own. Unbelievably they only bought out 12 issues but I can only presume they were a bit chunky as I was only a nipper when they came out (and I didn't live in west London).

Associated with the Balearic scene, BO was formed by a bunch of young Chelsea fans reeling in the after effects of that trip to Ibiza and the emergent drug scene that shook up the normal disaffected working class youth of the day.

Terry Farley, one of the original writers, played a gig in Brighton during these early balearic days. Upon playing an obscure Phil Collins record to us coast-huggers, the Brightonian crowd thought he was taking the piss and thus showered the young DJ with bottles.

Anyway, a retrospective has come out, buy it here, simplez.

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