21 August 2009


OK, this snippet is from the Stockport Express, and fair fucks they probably don't have the best resources. But, they are owned by the Guardian Media Group and though we're used to lazy football journalism in the provinces, this is a great cut and paste of some poor dictaphone action regarding County's game with us on Saturday.

"We'll make sure everyone is alright before the game and we'll go down there full steam ahead.

“We're looking forward to the game.

“We've got nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. I think we've done as well as we possibly could these last few games and we're looking forward to the game because sooner or later our luck will change.”Unknown, The Stockport Express, 20 August 2009

TSLR Comment : "Often, when you don't really exceed yourself in an interview, and your deadline is in 20 minutes, it's easy to throw together a selection of random quotes using the slightly annoying newspaper style of quote-paragraph-quote. Often though, the scribe will try and make the prose flow, in a style one would expect from a professional. This effort is straight off the work experiences desk. 4/10, must try harder "

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