10 August 2009


We got a little excited at the Walsall game after we found out that the programme has copied certain elements of the format of a fanzine. It is less glossy, smaller (fanzine sized) and seems to be full of even more shite than TSLR. Things got a little weirder when we looked into the articles included in the first issue of the season and we now have serious reason to believe that the club has been hacking in to our confidential editorial emails seeing as we suggested a feature to Find Nicky Bissett as far back as September 2008. Looks like they won that race and it now saves us actually having to track him down.

Disclaimer: we only spent the extortionate £3 on the programme so we could work out who the fuck our players were. In hindsight, we suggest printing off the squad numbers from the club website ahead of the visit of Stockport County.

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