17 August 2009


For those of you that have forgotton that this ever happened back in 1980 and for those that haven't had a chance to see this little beauty of a goal from Saturday, then here you are:

What a treat. And only this time last week, we were wondering what the point of the football season starting was. Can we have a copy of these two incidents in the Albion museum at Falmer please? In fact, we'd need no other memorabilia with two giant video screens of these fulfilling clips.

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Midfield Diamond said...

The FA and the Football League have reportedly charged Palarse boss Neil Warnock (aka Colin) over his conduct at, and following, the game on Saturday. While many thousands of people up and down the country were already laughing heartily about his team being denied a perfectly good goal, it is considered that his comments brought the incident to dangerously hilarious levels among the general public.

It is understood that several people were admitted to hospital on Saturday night with breathing difficulties after hearing Colin’s rants about putting men on the moon but not having goal-line technology, the fourth official not having instant replay facilities and Bristol City’s unsportsmanlike behaviour. No-one is reported as having actually died laughing but several casualties were treated for laughing uncontrollably.