7 September 2009


Picky, yes, but the top dogs at The Argus have obviously been reading the blog and have told their sport hacks to tighten up those tiny paragraphs of shite. It's been a little tough you see, we read the reports and we do enjoy them, they're great, but sometimes they can be a bit pantomime

Today's effort is a masterclass in the flexabiltiy of the english idiom being taken too far.

"The handshakes were reserved instead for the unsung backbone behind a scrappy, gritty victory which, given the Seagulls’ stuttering start to the season, was exactly what the doctor ordered. Andy Naylor, The Argus, 7 Septembert 2009

TSLR Comment : "Not much to say on this one except an "unsung backbone "is quite the most ridiculous bastardisation of our fair language since Danny Cullip's recent article in the West Sussex Ghost Town Gazette or summink. Naylor also drops points for the cheap alliteration in Seagull's stuttering start. Poor form."

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