17 September 2009


Mr Naylor seems to be making this easier for us at the moment. Writing on Tuesday 15 September about a very dull Albion related story, he thrusts upon us another cheery pun to release the monotony of writing for the Argus once more:

"Albion boss Russell Slade has turned his team into a mean machine - by filming training sessions."

As the heart of the story beats about the fact the side are using film making equipment, what journalist could resist using a description that handily is the title of a well known film about football? Whether the Albion were that mean, or even a machine, at Carlisle last weekend is open to debate. What isn't open to debate is tha fact that Mean Machine is a terrible film - the only highlight being the appearance of trouser-wearing Seagulls legend, Perry Digweed, in the role of Marsden. A massive role it must be too as the next actor on the credits has a character name of, er, Prisoner Footballer. What will Naylor think of next? The Great Escape? Oh no, they've done that one already, and got a poster out of it too.

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