15 September 2009


First things first, Carlisle was a dream at the weekend and all of TSLR were rather jolly, if a little hungover, come Sunday morning. Whilst on the (lengthy) journey north, conversation turned to the absolute beauty of this stunning Albion strip from way back when us co-editors were young, foolish and, ultimately, brainwashed by our parents to the joys of the Albion. Just look at the chewit wrapper in all its splendour. Sure, it was embarrassing at the time and unlucky in the play-off final but now we can look back and laugh. This ranks with some of the worst shirts in English football history but on the train to Scotland for the Carlisle match, we were unanimous in our desire to get hold of one of these bad boy shirts and celebrate its everlasting beauty. One added bonus is the way the shirt and shorts conspire to make it look like an all-in-one. If only it was...

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