20 November 2009


This has annoyed me from The Argus this week. Not necessarily cringey copy, or a ridiculous link joining two non-points like some vile Hollingbury hack glue, this is just annoying tabloidy stuff.

So, Naylor's having his umpteenth interview with Poyet, they are discussing the Wycombe win, Bennett supposedly had a good game in what sounded like a dull encounter, and he has been playing well, but what do you make of this soundbite ...

"Poyet is expecting interest in Bennett from other clubs during the January transfer window following his £200,000 summer switch from Wolves. “That is normal when you have good players like that,” he said. “But I hope we are going to be able to keep him.” Andy Naylor, The Argus, 19 November 2009

To me, that reads like Naylor has said to Poyet something like "Do you think a club is going to come in for Bennett?". Poyet can only answer one way, and he does some with some decorum because it's an odd question really.

Fast forward a day and we get this;

"Elliott Bennett has pledged his future to Albion and assured fans “I have got no need to move anywhere.” Andy Naylor, The Argus, 20 November 2009

TSLR Comment : "How about we stop the weak sensationalism? Perhaps we should praise Naylor for churning out story after story when there's little going on at the Training Ground. However. the fans really don't need 'assuring' about a player who has played a handful of games (in which we've lost most of them) moving to a big club ... like who? MK Dons?"

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