2 December 2009


For some (mainly those with limited social skills and/or no significant other) the Albion is their absolute reason for being. Their bedrooms are awash with those old VCR season reviews from the 'golden years' - i.e. Nogan and McDougall taking apart Divison 3 for the first 3 months of a season - and they probably have the words Seagull Shop littered like fag butts on their cash-light bank statements.

But for those who are a) committed and b) not completely obsessed, I stumbled accross the above potential Christmas gift in the online store of the bookshop Magma.

They are stick on Seagulls. Designed by Paul Simmons and Alistair McAuley, the feathered beasts come in packs of 55, and you can stick them anywhere in the house; perching on the dado rail, squawking above the toilet roll holder or simply swooping over your flat screen.

Not only will they satisfy your need for an Albion presence in the house, but you can tell your friends that actually they're from some very cool interior design atelier.

So, for those grown men who still have their slighly faded Albion bedsheets from 1992 adorning their chambers (like the co-ed), it's time to get sticky.

Buy them here, a snip at £30 ... gulp.

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