15 February 2010


I'm a bit blue about the Albion at the moment.  Everything is a bit rubbish.

My friend sent me this quote today on email, not sure the source, it doesn't matter anyway.

"Delph, who lasted the best part of an hour against United before being replaced, added: "Manchester United are a great side, have great players and they're the champions. For me to be playing against them was a pleasure.

"It was a massive difference to playing against Brighton. Everyone is fit, stronger and more knowledgeable upstairs. You could see that."

Thanks Fabian.

More knowledgeable upstairs.  Brilliant.


Anonymous said...


The Hovian said...

What a stupid twat, "Man Utd are better than Brighton" shock!

I guess he's so shite on the pitch he managed to test the IQ of every Albion and Manure player he faced? The total COCK

I nearly wish Palarse knock the bastards out of the cup now

Hang on a minute....