11 February 2010


We never usually blog at this stage on a Thursday night before a Saturday new issue but we've put TSLR017 to bed (still littered with typos) already so I've got all this energy to stick a blog up.

Another day, another Slade squad member sacrificed - this time it's Jimmy who has fallen off the Albion Tunnicliffe and rumour has it that Fortser'll be off the cliffe soon enough. Surely when we loan players out, is it not meant to be to teams that are generally shitter than us? If Tunni can get in the team at MK Don'ts then surely he can get into our ramshackle bunch of blue and white shirted donkeys. If it were up to me, I'd send all of the centre-backs out on loan and give the youf team a go. Andy Naylor, what will we do without Tunni's excessively long throw? You promised so much of it pre-season and now we'll have to fight relegation without it.

Don't think about the Albion and we won't think about writing the next issue for the next hour. Sit back and relax whilst listening to this quite excellent online radio show with DJ Rob Swift here.  

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