5 May 2010


For those that missed it (or chose to ignore it) on Saturday at MK Dons, this is the hilarious moment when three Albion supporting penguins clambered aboard one of those toy cars for young children outside the pub. We had a hilarious day, especially in the second half when we couldn't help but sing some classics from the 1980s. The personal favourite was Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley but the version of Spandau Ballet's Gold was a joy to behold. If you ever find yourself with an urge to sing that song then don't forget to replace Gold with Gus - hey. it could catch on like the Calderon song.

Apologies if you were offended for us being so steamingly drunk - especially when bottles of ale went flying post match in Asda. On a more positive note, one penguin managed to offload his costume to an unsuspecting Geordie for almost full price at Euston. The unsuspecting Brighton based Newcastle fan had the belief he could get away with it as a Magpie costume for the following day.

See yer on the road next year...

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