27 July 2010


Team TSLR is back in the country and back at work I hear.

The come-down after such a trip is probably a bitter pill to swallow, so I'm hoping that the co-ed is channeling that Portuguese energy into the fanzine.  I remember after our trip to Hamburg in 2008 it was horrible coming home, but our experiences produced one of (in my opinion) the best fanzines we've done.

The fanzine is coming along well, the summer months always go quickley for us, though the break from May to August is eagerly welcomed.  We have a new design and some new features for the next season so it'll be good to get them printed and out there.

It's still £1 next year. No point in putting the price up.

Personally, this season I'm going to be more organised. I think that 8 out of the 9 issues last season were completed in the early hours of the morning on the day of printing.  Not this season though.  The magazine is organised in a way so that we can expect a much less stressful ride.  After 2 years of this, you learn where you make mistakes and where you have developed good things, both in production and editorial.  However, I say this now, I proclaim these new techniques, but come October it'll be 2am phone calls between London and Manchester chasing 500 words on a winless away trip to Oldham.

This season also marks the end of an era.  TSLR was born out of the mundaneness of Withdean but where does it fit with the shiny Amex?  There are two conflicting sides, on one we have to consider if the fanzine has run it's course (we'll know this from feedback from this season), and on the other we know we'll shift considerably more issues with the influx of fans at the new place.  Writing a fanzine is addictive though.  While ultimately thankless there is still a pull.  I was going to step-down as co-ed for this season but I couldn't really let it go.

We will see, but right now I need to start chasing the contributors for copy.  Time is running out.

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