26 August 2010


"I don’t like to sell possibilities to people just because I need to be nice to the fans"

That's another fantastic soundbite from Gus.  I have come to start sentences with "I'm saying ..." before then saying what I was going to say, just like the Uruguayan.  Gus's use of the language has rubbed off on me.  His interviews are a pleasure to watch, his touchline antics are more suited to Saddlers Wells than rainy Withdean, and his charm is so infectious that he is now the image of our football club.  And who would have it any different?  When he leaves, and alas one day he will, the club will be quieter.  There's also a chance we'll be more miserable, but at least we'll have The Amex to ensure a warm sense of contentness sits in our striped bellies.

The busy PFA website, Give Me Football, snatched 2 minutes with our Manager and along with the quote at the top there's also lots of other refreshing bits of Gus gibberish.  View it here.

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