13 September 2010


More youtube tomfoolery for you now. Thanks to the fabulous Barking High Street tanning salon owner, we've been sent this wholeheartedly hilarious clip of a keeper seemingly performing a wonderful save in a penalty shoot out. But wait, what's happened there? The striker seems to be celebrating. That's odd. Hang on, here's the replay - the ball seems to have squirmed across the line and the goal stands. Magical. There's only one question, is Khalid Askri really Casper Ankergren? Now that's a tad unfair, he kept a clean sheet on Saturday and we suspect that he's been told to stop punching crosses.

We're still in shock after that King Kazenga strike on Saturday. Bizarrely, despite him being a well trodden Albion hero and us basically stalking @FootballMillion on Twitter, we've never actually heard LuaLua talk before but you can do that by checking the BBC sport website here. Now if we could just have him until the end of the season, that's the title all wrapped up. As it is, like many other presents at that time of year, we'll need the title wrapped up by Christmas.

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