23 September 2010


Apologies for being off the blogoshere for nearly a week now. We've been experiencing some technical difficulties here at TSLR Towers over the last week (not enough of you are buying issues so we couldn't afford the bill). We have now scraped together enough pennies to enable us to stick this blog up. What better way to sum up our current mood than this song by Marcia Griffiths? We were singing it all the way home in the car on our epic journey back from the west country on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. And what an evening that turned out to be.

Carlisle was decent on the Saturday as well - we weren't at our best but managed to take a credible point back from a well fancied Carlisle side. Thanks to the 20% of Albion fans who purchased TSLR022 - you showing us some serious Seagull Love is appreciated as ever. The evening of the Carlisle game, we found ourselves partying the night away with the northern TSLRites so a special mention for them for making it a night to remember (apart from the beer spillage - you know what we're talking about Mutley).

Plymouth was something else - the car journey ensured it was far less boozy but that meant we got to remember everything about the footballing lesson we dished out to the hosts, especially in the first half. What more could we ask for than a Fran goal at the end? But it seems as if we'll have to wait a little longer for that. Sandaza's one on one finish was comical to the point that Colin Hawkins would have been impressed. Apart from the stewards insisting that the panel at the back of the stand wasn't for hitting we were in Dreamland. And still are...


i am sam said...

sandaza has a cock-nose

sten said...

He also has a fine right foot