16 September 2010


Now don't get us wrong - this doesn't happen all that often but has happened in both issues out already this season. Last month with TSLR021, we had some spare jottings from the Algarve. This month, from TSLR022, we couldn't fit in the excellent musings from The Journeyman. As a little treat from us, we have decided to upload it onto the blog in an effort to point you in the direction of a paper copy of TSLR022 either at Carlisle or Plymouth (and partly because we can't hold it back for next month's issue due to the fact that it directly relates to the opening games of the season). Anyway, here it is as it should have been in TSLR022 that came out on Saturday...

Well here we are then four games in, thanks to some bizarre cancellation of the Plymouth game, and already I’m loving the new season. So far I’ve already seen a lion bumming a bike (Northampton) eaten a pasta salad with a used train ticket (Sheffield) and been accosted at Swindon train station by a pre-pubescent platform dweller! Oh the joys!

But really I’m loving it. The Wednesday trip turned out to be gem, even if our away support seemed a little subdued to what you would usually expect (I’m putting it down to the fact that we all had to get some strange northern transport called a tram!) The Sheffield Tap was a class apart, the Hogan’s cider went down a treat, however for the less cultural minded in the group the lack of warm Spoons style lager had some struggling to fully enjoy the smorgasbord that was on offer. Finally the lager of choice for the unwashed was the Czech made Bernard’s and to be frank there wasn’t much appreciation for it, especially for one fool hardy soul who went the full hog and got a black Bernard’s!

However one unexpected bonus to this Bernard related jaunt was that it did lead to the entire journey home being taken over by talk of one time children’s telly classic Bernard’s watch. As you can imagine the talk quickly turned to the misuse of the watch and soon we had turned a once innocent tea time favourite into a sordid and despicable instrument for revenge and sexual gratification! (classic away day nonsense).

Sheffield also gave rise to my first celebrity lookie-likie of the season. A classic thin Seth Rogan was spotted on the tram back from Hillsborough. This more than makes up for the false start we had with a dubious Robbie Coltrane (Cracker era) on the way to Northampton. So the season is up and running and its been nice to see two new boys fitting in well. Greer and Sparrow really have entered into the spirit of our ‘little’ club by getting sent off. It also seems that our fame is starting to grow, already this season I’ve been strangely approached by two opposition fans, once at Swindon by an aggressive midget ‘where you getting all your money from?’ and secondly on the underground by a London based Notts county fan (could be one of the most boring men in existence!) who, despite single handily bringing back the comb over, wanted to know all about the new Stadium.

So it would seem that we are on the up, in profile if nothing more. Throw in the constant buzz around Gus Poyet and we really are starting to figure on the radar! Finally the transfer deadline day came and we finally got our man. Kazenga, Kazenga, he may sound like an 80’s Bond villain but boy the lad can play. Here’s rising another pint of Hogan’s cider to the thought of LuaLua junior and Elliot Bennett tearing down the wings for the next few months and us climbing the table.


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