9 September 2010


It's that time of year again where we get to tear apart the opposition and their reason to exist. We welcome the franchise bastards to the withers on Saturday safe in the knowledge that AFC Wimbledon are rising up to the point where they're getting closer to an on-pitch revenge. TSLR was thinking of this only today when they stumbled across this article in the Evening Standard. Now, don't get us wrong, it's a pretty average article by anyone's evening standards but it makes the point that AFC could go up this season from the Conference, leaving them only a division - yet still a lot of hatred - between the two sides.

What AFC have gone through is truly remarkable - and not far off what we might have had to go through ourselves had our Dick Knight in shining armour not turned up. As we head to the withers for the 21st last time (please get an away draw in the FA Cup) and look to the Falmered horizon, it all seems like our hard times never happened. They did. But not nearly as bad as they did for the team we should be playing this weekend, Wimbledon. Think of that as we smash seven past the franchise bastards. And why not enjoy the splendid new TSLR022 at half time that is still gloriously priced at £1 - unless you support the franchise, then it'll cost you a tenner.

Oh, and thanks to the Standard for the photee of Plough Lane - it's seen better days but there are plans for the club to move back there. Falmer will be beyond amazing, but wouldn't it be nice to pop down to the Goldstone, even if it was as overgrown as the Lane of Plough is here?

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