18 November 2010


We're off on a jolly to the Jolly Roger of St. Pauli in Hamburg for the next few days but, rest assured, there will be TSLR024 available at the Bristol Rovers home match on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who was so positive about the excellent BHA RUFFIANS badges that we commissioned and gave away with copies of the mag sold at the bizarre and, eventually, entertaining Woking match on Tuesday night (there are a couple of badges left so get them whilst you can). We plan to make more badges in the upcoming weeks so keep an eye out for them.

I just want to point you in the direction of the very reasonable who ate all the pies blog that has a spiffing photo (stolen for this very blog) of the flare launched from the Albion end at the beginning of the FA Cup replay. Meanwhile, our next FA Cup opponents FC United of Manchester finally made Regeneration and Renewal magazine slightly entertaining with news of their successful finance drive to support their bid for a new stadium at Newton Heath. You can read that article here and we're sure that we'll make the club very welcome at the old Falmer on Saturday week. In the meantime, follow our German escapades on the twitter (@tslr) and give the boys a decent shout on our behalf this Saturday. We're all off to practice our dodgy German speaking skills...

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i am sam said...

looks like spadge has a fire-cock