3 November 2010


A quick scan of The Grauniads football section online threw up an old poll regarding the winners of Legaue One this season.

The survey (HERE), launched for a week in early August, has Southmapton as the neutrals favourite until North Stand Chat intervened, propelling Albion into a 44% majority.

While these fun and games from our crack-like forum incroyable represented a humourous single fingered salute to our third divsion counterparts, one comment near the bottom from the poster InGusWeTrust showed the sort of blind optimism that only a handful of Albionites could've spoke out about 4 months ago.

It's hard to see beyond brighton in the poll and in the league. if we get another striker, of decent quality and a left winger then will walk the league.

We have the best midfield and the best defence in the league this year. our fullbacks are near prem quality in calderon and painter. elliot bennet is the best winger in the league and gus is the best manager.

Everything is looking good for us and with our full backs over lapping will be playing footy most of the division won't understand. will pass everyone off the park and have them chasing shadows. teams won't no what hits them when gus brings us style hounds round!!!!!!

With our new stadium on the way and guaranteed capacity following will be pushing for the premiership in about 3 years. watch this space and see some real football this season. we pass so well and play such class football will teach most teams a footballing lesson!!! we will untouchable once we gets the players in and it will be scarey to watch!!!!!!!!!

This prediction has, of course, turned out to be true.  The line about playing football that most of the divison won't understand is Nostradarmus-esque, and describing the stripes as "Style Hounds" is a term that should, but probably won't, catch on.

the arrogance of SCC and Dog-botherers fans is crude to say the least, hopefully we can re-blog this article in May with the insight proven and celebrated.

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