6 January 2011


Despite photographic evidence to the contrary, this isn't actually Superman playing football. No, this is disgraced former St Pauli player Rene Schnitzler who, according to this article on the Eurosport website here has admitted to taking bribes for fixing matches. It got our attention as the alleged incidents happened back in 2008, the year we made our first pilgrimage to the red light district of Hamburg. Unfortunately, the games in question did not include our one (see TSLR006 for further details) so the excitement at TSLR Towers quickly diminished. Germany has a poor recent history when it comes to match fixing - you only have to go back to 2009 and this Telegraph article about lower league bribary scandals. And before that, there was the Robert Hoyzer refereeing furore back in 2005. Although, it has to be said that some match fixing we can turn a blind eye too - especially when the country in question allows terracing, smoking and beers in view of the pitch for a fraction of the cost of an Albion ticket.

Enough of fixing games, another article worth feasting your eyes on is this bizarre one from the Evening Standard yesterday about FIFA's Task Force Football 2014 group. If Sepp Blatter had any sense left, it must surely be eroded with such a crazy plan to make football more entertaining (he should visit the Withers) by awarding more points for a win. And as for even thinking about a return to a Golden Goal extra time...

One last thing, don't forget to avoid the Argus website at all costs and support the strike action that is taking place today and tomorrow. Our source is this article by Roy Greenslade at the Guardian. And don't worry, judging from the headlines on our news feed, the Argus is reporting that Guy Butters thinks we're favourites for Saturday and Gus is committed to the Albion.

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