21 January 2011



What a day this turned out to be. Gus Poyet and the team he has created under the wonderful watchful eye of Sir Tony Bloom is perfect in every way. Never have I looked forward to a game as a much as I am at the moment and tomorrow at Bournemouth is no exception.

My first season of any memory was 1990-91. I don't really remember a lot from apart from the chewit away kit but I remember the final four games, and they were almost all great. Years later, viewing the VHS end of season video from that season made by the Kemp brothers (actually looking at my shelf I suspect that video pre-dates even the Kemp brothers), I watched in disbelief as we stuttered through to that play off final. We were pretty awful. Football in that division that season was sub-standard and Perry Digweed looked like a foolish man on numerous occasions as we conceded countless goals of an unworthy class.

From that point there was nothing to get excited about footballwise until Withers and Micky Adams and trophies. But that was the absolute limit to my expectations - our football back then was based on packing the midfield and lumping it forward to the awesome Mr Zamora - and I never thought I'd see an Albion team play better than that. Season after season and manager after manager departed with no sign of a stadium until Bloom saved us from the banks and Falmer finally got round to being built. But it was when Gus moved in that things got going and, just a year later, we're in absolute dreamland.

I love Gus. That's it. Simple. Gus is King. To prove how much I love Gus, I have posted this with his glorious appearance on MOTD2 last weekend. We play glorious football; we have only lost three times this season; we have a solid defence; a decent keeper; midfielders who can win games and a free scoring attack. We play like I never thought we could. We are amazingly awesome. Enjoy it whilst it lasts because, beyond Gus, there is no limit to how far back down we can fall.

I wanted to write this post about which game we would realistically pick up the Division Three title this season. But, having watched tripe for twenty odd years, I just can't quite believe how good we are and I didn't want to tempt fate by writing my own tripe. Instead, you got an alcohol induced slight outpouring of badly written emotion instead. I'm off to find the Kemp brothers for an interview in TSLR027 and work out how correctly to pronounce Gus Poshet.


Anonymous said...

A useful way to remember the correct pronounciation is to bring to mind Salt 'n Pepa's "Push It"


Ah, (ssss), Pos-Shet. Pos-Shet good.

Anonymous said...

the kemp brothers certianly had a bad patch after spandeau ballet