30 January 2011


OK, we're not going to pretend this is concrete and you'll know we don't really get involved in the whole rumour thing but this one made sense and we're not sure you're all going to like it!

Firstly, forget about any ideas of a new sponsor for Falmer's christening.  IT First, the Burgess Hillbilly computer types and shirt sponsors for the last few seasons have struck another deal with the club.  Not sure if that's old news, but apparently under the 1ST logo we are so acccustomed too there will be the text IT FIRST.  Not sure why, it's not like the rumoured Dick Knight-designed logo doesn't communicate the company perfectly well at present!

The kit, well, we've seen the new traditional badge but that's about as historic as we're going to go according to our source.  We hear that slightly fatter but still not equal width stripes will emblazon the jersey for 11/12.  To show off, and to knock the design world for six, we understand there will be some pretty gold piping in the mix too.

Away shirt will be the same but with black and green stripes and no gold piping - we don't want to show off now do we?

As we said, this is unconfirmed and will probably turn out to be bollocks, but it's a good source if that means anything.  The girls and boys at Errea in their San Polo di Torrile factory have done well to get these designs up and running, what with them fitting in the contracts with marquee sports clubs like Pudsey Pirates, Daekyo Kangaroos and the Mongolia national team.

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