14 January 2011


TSLR026, or the 24th fanzine (confused? ... find out why here) will be hitting the newstands tomorrow. Well, it'll be be hitting just the stands so to speak, in and around Withdean Stadium.

It's a good one this month we think, including;

- Best People of 2010 featuring interviews with Jack Straw, Jonny Cantor, We Are Brighton and Tim Carder
- New contributor Mike Sword
- Potential libelous reports on Casper Ankergen's trips to The Marina
- Flairwatch
- All reviews from the last 6 weeks
- Previews ahead of our next titanic battles.

Plus comment from Haywards Heath Ledger, Marco Van Bastard, Midfield Diamond and Carter.

There's a lot of words in this one, too wordy infact. but it is a magazine so deal with it.

Still only £1 and available to buy securly online by clicking on the 'buy now' link to your left.

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