2 March 2011


The title of this blog post refers to the motto of Yeovil Town and, last night, it felt very relevant. We achieved three points by uniting with the Yeovil players. Or Yeovil united with us by ensuring they fluffed their lines on the limited occasions the home side should have capped their second half performance with an equaliser. It was a great night in the end though, and made the long trip excellent. I must admit, however, that my journey home was barely long as I embarked on a car trip to a friend's house near Gillingham (that's Dorset not the hellhole in Kent).

Huish Park has the famous adjacent beer tent which we frequented pre-match and, it has to be said, makes a mockery of places like the Enigma in Milton Keynes. The entertainment was not the quality it had been down in Yeovil last season but it is probably the best beer tent in Division Three and, should we win promotion, it will be sorely missed.

The biggest worry from last night was the idea of nervousness. It's not something that we've encountered all season but could we be nervous of winning the title? It certainly looked that way second half as our normal, quality, short passing game became a deep lying back four who desperately hoofed the ball forward to a diminishing (in numbers at least) attack who failed to hold the ball up. It was almost as if we stooped to a Yeovil level in a game that had heart rates across Sussex in panic mode. This could happen further over the final fifteen matches so do remember that some relaxing excercise (such as walking) should be taking place after an Albion match. Let us hope that the relaxing Albion performances come back in to our lives. Especially considering we're still top - and by quite some distance - but the last two performances seem to suggest that panic could be setting in.

Hold on, this next month will be quite a (blue and) white knuckle ride but, come April, the stars may well be within our grasp. Keep the faith. We know Micky Adams can't have any faith left.

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