23 May 2011


Our friends from the North Stand Kollektive ultras group have been busy knitting some attractive scarves to adorn you ruffians next season.

At £10 each they're a bargain actually.  Featuring the old logo, the right shade of blue, and no stupid slogans, these garments are a must have for any North Stander next season (also useful for covering your face if you sing that awful Spandeau Ballet song).

We have been given one of these scarves to give away to a lucky TSLRite.

All you have to do is email us with the answer to this simple question;

The 'L' in TSLR stands for what?

a) Lesbians
b) Love
c) Lancing

Drop us an email at tslr@hotmail.co.uk, a winner will be picked at random from correct answers next Sunday the 29th May.

Best of luck!

NB: If you wish to purchase a scarf - and they're very limited edition - drop a PM to Tomysupercup on NSC or find them on twitter @nskbha

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