3 June 2011


So I'd finally weaned myself off the crackpipe-like player formerly known as Glenn Murray (now known simply as cockface) when I stumbled across this street sign on a recent trip across norf London to Camden. Though I cried long into the summery evening, it reminded me of the hilarious work from Brighton and Palace fans on Twatter around that up-in-the-air period that came just before the confirmation of cockface's transfer. Here are the best Tweets from an array of humoress individuals that you should all follow on Twatter once you've started following us.

THRIIIIKER Charlie Mahoney
Glenn Murray trending? The awkward moment when signing a Brighton striker on a free becomes the best thing to happen to your club in years.

ImMrBrightside7 Ashley Bradley
"Glenn Murray" IS trending on Twitter - yet "fucking twat" isn't?

MWmagic Mark Williams
Glenn Murray has had to take out a super injunction to stop anyone knowing that he ever played for Brighton FC !! #cpfc #eaglesshitonseaguls

mattmidd7 matt middleton
Can't wait for Palace to come down to the Amex! Wonder if Glenn Murray is preparing his injury......#alotofabuse

jennykackett Jenny Kackett
Glenn Murray signs for Palace. Obviously enjoys it, you know, in League One, then.

emil0r Kendallcakes
Oh, before I go, here is Glenn Murray loving signing for Palace. #cpfc http://t.co/vxnWsAy

EightAce149 Octavius Ace
Glenn Murray photoshopping on NSC #bhafc #cpfc http://lockerz.com/s/104509459

Gibbo911 Jamie Gibson
Cheers for Glenn Murray #bhafc if 6 points v you weren't easy enough we now have your top scorer to help #cpfc

bishthebash Steven Bishop
@RobynTalkSPORT @wearebrighton Glenn Murray: wanker. Oh wait, he'll fit right in at #cpfc then. #bhafc

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