27 July 2011


It's been a busy few days here at TSLR Towers. We've been gearing up for the new season for a number of weeks now but, with deadline for the first issue fast approaching, we've been getting into what we term producing a fanzine mode. The image shows Falmex from the control room where we were welcomed yesterday for a meeting to ensure we're allowed to flog the mag on what is to be club-owned private land. The club have been fantastic - which isn't exactly what you may expect a fanzine to say - and the offices at the new ground have an unnerving professionalism about them. The whole of Falmer is engulfed in a dream like state where all members of staff, despite the long hours in preparing for the opening, smile profusely, as do all visitors.

TSLR has spent the summer in ongoing negotiations with some of the most talented contributors we could find, and almost all contracts are now in place. We haven't spent the money akin to the Albion and CMS but we think we've found the quality nonetheless. The most stressful aspect of the new season has been the bizarre behaviour of our previous printing setup and, thus, the contract negotiations with the new printers that have thankfully now concluded. Writers, artists, advertisers and photographers, deadline for the first issue will now have to be Tuesday 2 August and all correspondence is welcome to the usual place - tslr@hotmail.co.uk

If you would like to subscribe to TSLR for the coming season (nine wonderful issues for £10 sent direct to your doormat), then email us (tslr@hotmail.co.uk) or direct message us on twitter (@tslr). And we're more than happy to send internationally.

With Portugal out of the way (massive thanks to @BrettMendoza - our intrepid reporter - for his wonderful tweeting, doughnuts will be forthcoming), thoughts are turning to Saturday where we will no doubt be assessing the access of student union bars before inevitably glugging Harveys in Dick's. To supplement the excitement, I took the plunge and have now spent 23 hours contemplating how on earth I can look like a normal person wearing the garish new away kit.

And in other news, poor old Colin Hawkins has been denied the chance to represent the Aitricity League XI due to injury. You can read the full story here.

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