19 October 2011


For those that purchased TSLR032 over the last couple of games (we won't mention that penalty from last night), you might have noticed that we have our new photographer featuring in each issue. The West Stand Lower Snapper was hard at it again during the match against Hull last Saturday evening. WSLS has sent us through a few photographs from the front row from the match and we thought a nice easy way of actually writing a blog was to shove them on here and let the snaps do all the talking.

"If only I was Dutch, kicked the ball out for a throw more often and made exaggerated but ultimately simple saves, the Albionites would love me. Now clear this corner Gordy or else I'll probably drop it."

Vicente wonders what the funk Spadge is up to: "Patear me la pelota como un EspaƱol…y procura leer el Seagull Review…"

Casper assesses the damage to Lewis Dunk after a corking challenge made up for the young defender's almost devastating lack of pace. At the time this photo was taken, Ankergren was asking whether Lewis had any Marlboro Lights in his socks.

Here at TSLR Towers, we spent a lot of Sunday wondering how Gus was planning on 'building the team' around CMS like he promised in the summer. This was another example of our Scottish International superstar having to create his own chances by working down the channels.

In a photograph reminiscent of the train between South Bermondsey and London Bridge last night, a sort of finger pointing ruckus emerges. Although Vicente seems to be haranguing Calde, leaving Dicker and Spadge to take on three Hull players.

This shot is hardly representative of the excellent Hull fans who were at Falmer in their numbers despite being right royally shafted by an inept Albion who moved the game at such short notice to an odd feeling 1730 start time due to the University open day planned donkeys months ago. Meanwhile, GP makes a point about Pearson's lack of sharp suit.

The little Liverpudlian Noone (he was a roofer you know - copyright every national newspaper in the country) gets involved after spending much of the game warming up the near side of that very touchline. He is so fast, the Hull player went all blurry.

One thing we have noticed is that Vicente takes a cracking photo - he's fast becoming the new most fanciable Albion player amongst the TSLRites. Hull came at us towards the end, with this crossbar leading a charmed life.

And how on earth did the 'keeper save this one?

We're sure you'll agree that there are some corking photees on here. The game against Hull was described as a cracking nil all but it now means we haven't won since Bristol City way back on 10 September. Still, it's all gravy - we're so much better than the last time we played at this level. Keep an eye on the blog for more photos after the West Ham match next Monday night.

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