25 November 2011


Excitement has been growing at TSLR Towers for the past few weeks with regard to the Albion finally playing a home match on a Saturday. To celebrate, TSLRites will be amalgamating in the Swan Inn in Falmer from 12pm tomorrow in what we hope to be an established meeting point for the team on regular Saturday fixtures. It is a perfect opportunity for you, the discerning reader, to purchase a copy of TSLR034, tell us where we're going right/wrong and - most importantly - grab a pint without having to queue up first (see Dick's). Of course, the pub was the central HQ in the battle to prevent the Albion moving to the new stadium - as referenced in this ancient Argus article here. But the new owners changed their tune when they realised there'd be thousands of thirsty Albion fans (customers) as soon as the stadium opened. So, if they can change their outlook then so can we.

Hopefully see you tomorrow.

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