16 December 2011


As Noddy Holder once said, it's Christmas. Tomorrow's Burnley match in Brighton provides a much needed respite from the emphatic drinking period that December seems to be all about. Although that doesn't quite hold true now we can buy beers at Falmer. More importantly, tomorrow represents the launch of TSLR035 - the Christmas issue. And we have some real treats in store for you. We had to drop our profit (ha) margin to fit everything in to the latest whopping 36 page issue:

-We got down and dirty with Mendoza in the shower (don't worry, Gully's Girls were there too)
-Flairwatch explores the VinceLOL revolution
-Marco van Bastard gets hot under the collar over Warren Aspinall's pronunciation
-Stewart Weir's got another black and white treat for you
-Bitter and Twisted explores his goalkeeping past
-Midfield Diamond gets all statistical
-We speak to Corridor about their FalmART
-The new Withers Wager is rubbish
-WSL Snapper returns
-Fatboy Slim's pulling a fa$t one
-Meade's Ball on office politics
-The Hovian discusses his winter warming fashions and has drawn
-Carter pleases the wife at the Amex

Plus we have all the usual tripe including reviews, previews, news in briefs, eBay gold and Mendo's What's Hot What's Not. We'll be outside the Amex tomorrow (or under the train bridge if it's raining/snowing). So don't forget to get your stocking's wet dream for a squid.

Up the Albion!

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