16 January 2012


Falmer is great. Mainly because when you stay for post match beers (even in the epic coldness of a British winter) you get the chance to stumble across Albion's first XI as they make their way from the player's entrance to their Audi's and BMW's. It makes the whole club seem connected with each other - players with fans and the club with the community. Plus it gives us the chance to collar Albion's current number 1 between the sticks, thrust a new fanzine into his massive hands and make him pose for a photograph. "You can keep TSLR036" we told him so you'll probably find the copy Peter Brezovan is holding in one of those recycling bins that dominate the area around the outside of Falmer.

Thanks to all those who purchased TSLR036 on Saturday and well done to all those who found Vicente - both on our front cover and on the actual bench. You'll be able to buy TSLR036 at all matches until Leeds away (where TSLR037 will be debuting). Or click on the link on your left to order a copy to be delivered direct to your door.

And finally, it appears that the free Piglet's Pantry pies given to us post Wrexham were in fact not meant to be given away. A catering team source told us that the member of staff in question - who gave away pies for free in the North last week - relinquished £200 worth of stock and got sacked for the trouble. But we got a free pie so it feels as if it was all probably worth it...

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